EndTimes and Associates


"I trust EndTimes and Associates with all my property. I sure didn't want my ex-wife to get it"- Bob, Richmond

"EndTimes and Associates are very easy to work with. I wish I had heard about them the first rapture scare"- Sue, Las Vegas

"I love the Lord with all my heart. That's why I went to EndTimes and Associates."- Herbert, Racine, WI

"EndTimes and Associates took care of all our wordly needs. Now we just sit on the porch and wait." Emma and Max, Smithville, TN

"With all the news that's out there, I didn't know who to trust." Pedro, San Antonio

"The rapture will definitely come this October. I didn't want to wait to take care of my personal matters." Jeannine, Baltimore

"Since I don't have to pay for a funeral, I thought this only made sense."- Lolly McCorkle, Dublin. Ireland

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