EndTimes and Associates


EndTimes and Associates provides complete estate and asset review with recommendations for sale and disposal based on Biblical Principles. $1100 value completely free of charge for True Believers Only. No money upfront. Only a one-time $50 processing fee. Email for a free Estate and Asset Disposition Worksheet today.

Email endtimesandassociates@yahoo.com and include your name and mailing address.

Once we get your name and mailing address, we will send you the Estate and Asset Disposition Worksheet with complete instructions. Complete the worksheet and return it in the postage paid return envelope with the one-time processing fee.

In just six weeks, we will send you your Personalized Estate and Asset Disposition Worksheet Review with our professional, Biblically based Recommendations for your Estate and Assets. This is sure to give you total peace of mind.

Plus an added BONUS! We will include our ten page document of Biblical truths your preachers don't even want you to know! Straight from the King James Version, these Bible based passages can add to your Bible knowledge.  

But You Must Act Today!

"Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves. We will come rejoicing, brining in the sheaves."

"Put money in thy purse"- sh 4:26-64

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